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Find Out How Much it Costs to Apply For an ESTA Authorization to Travel to The United States Under The Visa Waiver Program.
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How much is an ESTA visa? - https://www.estavisa-online.com/apply-now/ The ESTA authorization allows passport holders of some nations that enjoy a special status with the US to travel in the United States for business or pleasure for up to 90 days. ESTA Cost - https://www.estavisa-online.com/ There is a cost associated for the ESTA application process. This fees is of two parts, a government processing fee of $4 and an authorization fees of $10 which makes the ESTA cost a total of $14. This fee has to be paid by credit card. Some third party websites also charge a small processing fee for providing easing the ESTA application process and for providing application support. https://www.estavisa-online.com/apply-now/

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